One Objective :

We vote UP our members posts on major media outlets.

HN, Medium, Youtube, Reddit, PH etc.
$20 for a Lifetime membership

How it works

You post on
(ei. Hackernews)

You let our
community know

If we like your post we will vote you up


Why not free?

If this were a free easy-to-access group, on reddit for example, then everyone would just enter for their own benefit, get votes up and then leave. The join fee covers running costs, site improvements & CPC ads etc.

Why did start?

The startup industry is crowded and the best way to stick out is with trending content.

For example, on Product Hunt or Hacker News - the startups that get an early boost stand out beyond the others for the duration of the day.

Why Secretive?

The fewer people that know about Upmypost, the more effective it will be. If everyone knows about this site people will cry fowl. Upmypost will just be more effective if we get several hundred members and then go underground.

Is this Cheating?

This is not cheating. Our community will upvote only the posts we like. The reality is that most people, even those who enjoyed specific content, do not click the vote up icon. 95% of the trending algorithm weight favors only upvotes & comments.

The specific purpose of Upmypost is to give our community members a head start. For example, once our startup post is trending on Reddit it no longer needs additional help; or once we are on top of Hackernews the algorithm will take over. The headstart is important.

Another example, let’s say your post would have received 35 upvotes without Upmypost, that is great, but with Upmypost you could receive 200 upvotes.